Mark Appleton
Music Management


Artist management and tour management services

within the rock and metal genres

Mark Appleton is an experienced band/music manager and tour manager, operating in the rock and metal genres.

Established 2007, Mark is focused mainly on 2 artists. Firstly, the exceptional Blaze Bayley who originally rose to fame as singer of Iron Maiden in the 1990s. Mark also runs Blaze's record label Blaze Bayley Recording.

He also manages Absolva, a British metal band featuring Iced Earth bassist Luke Appleton and his brother Chris. Absolva is recognised as one of the most gifted and hard working bands around with an enviable tour diary which includes work as the backing band for Blaze Bayley and a prolific record release history of their own.

Mark also owns the small independent record label Rocksector Records, established 2007, and although Rocksector has released many albums by a variety of bands, it now focuses mainly on the releases of Absolva and the Appleton brothers.