Welcome to the phenomenon that is Fury UK! A unity of spirit, determination & skill has transported this classic metal trio into one of  the frontrunners in the British metal scene. They closed 2011 with a 35 date European Tour across 18 different countries including 32 shows as support to the mighty Americans Iced Earth. Earlier tours with Saxon, Michael Schenker, Y&T & Blaze Bayley, plus performances at Bloodstock & Hammerfest festivals & albums since 2007 had already projected the band into focus.

Metal Hammer (review of Hammerfest 2010) "it's always good to discover a new favourite band at festivals and Fury UK seem destined to fit that bill for plenty of people. Their stirring old-school metal sidesteps retro cliché and goes for the jugular with lashings of blistering lead work and planet-sized tunes"

Based in Manchester, Fury UK are influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Saxon, Metallica & Rush. The amazing reaction to live gigs is a measure of this band & all the more impressive for being delivered within the dynamics of a 3 piece….

Chris Appleton          lead vocals & lead guitar
Martin McNee           drums
Luke Appleton          bass guitar & backing vocals

In 2007 Fury UK signed to Rocksector Records & later that year the debut album "Face Of Adversity" was released. The EP "Salvation" quickly followed in 2008, plus a breakthrough appearance at Bloodstock Festival the same year. Fury UK’s 2nd full album entitled "VR" (July 2009) gained further excellent reviews & full UK tours with Blaze Bayley & Michael Schenker Group. Late in 2009 Fury UK made debut appearances on foreign soil, touring with Blaze Bayley in Greece & at Switzerland’s prestigious venue Z7.

By the beginning of 2010 the band was being hailed by Metal Hammer in its’ Hot List for the year & played Hammerfest where the line-up included Iced Earth & Saxon amongst other big names. 2010 saw the band grow in stature & the 3rd album “A Way Of Life” released in September was welcomed with open arms by a surge in the band’s fanbase, & critical acclaim followed….

Classic Rock (album review) "Increasingly lauded as a gloriously fiery live act, Fury UK are students of metal's old school, & yet there is a sizzling, life-affirming freshness in every second of A Way Of Life.... one of the most exciting British metal albums of recent times"

Powerplay (album review) "Jaw droppingly good production.. loud, crisp & beautifully balanced.. riffs & hooks galore.. the clean vocals come into their own during the big choruses.. top notch musicianship.. more than a hint of Megadeth"

Big Cheese (album review) "Brilliant riffage.. spectacular vocals.. dynamic hooks & infectious material"

Soon after the 3rd album release a full UK tour with American hard rockers Y&T was undertaken which cemented 2010 as a landmark in the band’s development. During that year Fury UK also played further dates overseas when they headlined Belgium’s Wizzfest & returned to Switzerland later in the year.

2011 has seen the band continue it’s hard work ethic by hitting the road with 2 relentless tours which included 32 dates with Iced Earth & 12 dates with British metal legends Saxon, a perfect platform for Fury UK to continue it’s excellent progress.

Finally a few words from 2 seasoned & respected pro's..

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth onstage in Germany.... "this is the best support band we've ever had"

Dave Meniketti of Y&T in an interview with Midlands Rocks…. "an exciting young bunch..  one of the best responses of any opening act that we’ve had in the UK for a long time.. they get out there & kick ass"


So, what now for Fury UK in 2012? In August 2011 the band was amongst the first five bands announced for the Hammerfest IV festival in March 2012, along with Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Chimaira & Lawnmower Deth. Similarly, they're also confirmed for PPM Fest in Belgium on 7th April 2012, alongside Blind Guardian, Accept, Sonata Arctica, Epica & more. Further recordings are provisionally planned for 2012 & writing towards that has already begun.

Chris Appleton. Lead vocals & lead guitar. Founding member of the band & main writer of the bands material. Energy, invention, showmanship and delivers the goods in the studio and especially live shows!

Influences - Tony Iommi, Glenn Hughes, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Rush, Early Blues Guitarists, Ac/Dc, Black Sabbath, Joe Lyn Turner, Dio.

For amplification Chris uses exclusively an Engl Powerball Amp Head, with Engl Vintage cabs - 4x12 Slanted V30 & 2x12 V30. He also uses a range of floor units such as Boss, Digitech, Marshall & a Morley Bad Horsie wah pedal. Chris plays exclusively Gibson SGs live & occasionally Fender Strats in the studio. For acoustic guitars he uses Cort exclusively.

Chris has the following official endorsement/artist deals :-

Gibson electric guitars.
Cort acoustic guitars.
Rotosound strings.

Martin McNee. Drums. Martin joined in October 2007. He started playing drums at around 14/15 years of age in his school days. His early influences were Lars Ulrich (Metallica) & Tre Cool (Green Day). Later on his main inspiration comes from the likes of Bill Ward, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Chad Smith & Ian Paice. Amongst his favourite bands are Primus, Metallica, Sabbath & Zeppelin. Martin's previous bands include August, Method & Mr.Bifta. He uses a custom-built kit from Duallist under an endorsement deal.

Luke Appleton. Bass & Backing vocals. Luke joined in August 2008, with a strong background due to his previous involvement with fellow-Manchester band Breakdown. He plays Cort basses & uses Ashdown amplification, both under ebdorsement/artist deals. His influences are mainly power metal such as Iced Earth, Helloween & Edguy but also Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Megadeth.